Test in English


(for some reason I´m not able to upload pictures)

Since I have FB-friends from all over the northern hemisphere I will try and write the next few posts in English and see how it works out in the future.

It´s been a week since we arrived in the little red house in the forest on the riverbank. The journey started on Tuesday evening 12 days ago in order to avoid traffic jams in Hamburg (Germany). We try to drive through Hamburg in the death of night after which we hope to find a place to sleep for a couple of hours.

We packed our van, took our 4 Alaskan Malamutes on board and off we went. As was foreseen we had a fairly easy ride to Hamburg, we relaxed and started to look for a nice quiet parking lot where we could sleep in our camper van. A few km further the motorway was closed due to roadworks, no warning, and we had to get off. A deviation which took us all the way through Hamburg without any deviation signs. It took us 3 quarters of an hour to get back on the motorway only to find ourselves almost in front of the same road works we had a deviation for. Luckily we could follow a Danish truck who was, as we hoped,  on its way to Danmark. Then and only then we noticed the deviation signs pointing us to the next entry of the motorway which was also closed. From there on we had to follow new and other deviation signs to the next closed entry, new signs new closed entry. After another extra 45 minutes, we could finally get on the motorway to Denmark. We finally could stop to get some sleep. Only for an hour or 2 because our 4 passengers decided it was time to have their breakfast and morning pee…

From then on the traffic density diminished as we drove nearer and nearer to Sweden, once we left Kopenhagen behind us and we drove over the Öresund bridge is was quiet on the motorway except it started raining cats and dogs all along the Swedish coastline. Later that night we turned in rather early when we found a very nice spot to camp along a huge lake. Our 4 co-travelers had a field day when they could get out of the van and sniff all the new Swedish scents.

The next morning it took us only a couple of hours to reach the place where my dear beloved´s son and his family live. We always stay for a couple of days at his place before traveling up north.

The last stretch to our little house is a long and winding road, lots of curves, uphill and downhill driving. My beloved was driving the van and we were closing to our destination, we were a little anxious to be at home,  it went downhill and lo and behold, a speedgunning policeman popped up. We were driving 10 km too fast ( 6 miles more or less). In Sweden, speeding costs a lot of money. It took my beloved half an hour to explain to the police that we, being from the low countries, are not obliged to have an international passport to travel in Europe, an ID-card is enough, and that we also do not need an international driver´s license as the policeman thought it was a forgery. I do have to admit that in Europe there are about 110 different driver´s licenses, so no way he can know them all. We will have to apply for a European license.

Since a couple of days, our two little bitches are in heat, we had to change the set-up of the team a little because we have a small team of 4 Malamutes: 2 bitches, 1 neutered male, and 1 male. It is very interesting to see the interaction between the 4 dogs. One intact male (Zeno) lives in the house, the 3 others live together in one big kennel outside the house. Every day I let the 4 dogs play and interact together for 2 times 3 hours, I have noticed that Zeno and a young female (Maja) tend to be “attracted” to each while the other little female (T.Bet) and the neutered male (Finn) who have lived all their lives together tend to be “befriended” also. The interesting thing is that while the 2 females and Finn live in the big kennel and Zeno roams around the kennel ( by no means I get him inside the house) Finn will not touch the little companion of Zeno, not even when Zeno has no means to interfere or to enter the big kennel. On the other hand, Zeno does not approach T.Bet who is sitting inside the fence. It seems each and everyone has her or his own preferences…


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